Mo Ranch Wedding: Audrey & Mitch!

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If you head west from Austin, pass through Dripping Springs and go all the way to Fredericksburg and then keep going west, you’ll end up in Kerville.  But if you drive a little further, you’ll pass through the little town of Hunt and then find yourself in the deep, true Texas Hill Country.  You’ll also find yourself at Mo Ranch, a camp along the towering banks of the Guadalupe.  After the long drive, arriving at Mo Ranch for Audrey & Mitch’s weekend of wedding festivities felt like an escape from reality: beautiful views, canoes, water slides, and little to no cell service.  But while it might have felt that way for the guests and myself,  Audrey & Mitch already live a life that is adventure and travel.  They don’t need to escape because exploring interesting places with the people they love is normal.  Maybe we should all aspire to make our weekends (and weekdays!) so vibrant that wedding weekends can be a continuation of a life we love already.

Mo Ranch Wedding_0060


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Kyndall & Nathan are married!


If you’ve ever met me, you probably know that I’m a gullible person.  When Kyndall & Nathan’s wedding day came around, I had only met Nathan via Skype, but he is clearly good at reading people because he tricked me within 5 seconds of meeting him.  Let me just tell you, that is always a great sign for a wedding day.  Sure enough, their wedding at the Vista West Ranch flew by, thanks to their joyful personalities and hilarious friends and family.  One of my favorite moments was when we were taking night portraits and Kyndall suddenly ran back towards the reception so that she could dance to the Nae-Nae.  The wedding day was so fun that I couldn’t stop smiling looking back through the photos, and now I’m excited because sharing happy things only makes them sweeter.

Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0001Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0003Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0004Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0006Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0007Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0008Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0009Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0010Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0011Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0012Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0013Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0016Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0017Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0018Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0020Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0021Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0023Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0024Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0025Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0028Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0029Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0030Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0031Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0032Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0033Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0034Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0035Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0036Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0037Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0038Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0039Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0040Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0041Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0042Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0043Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0044Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0045Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0046Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0047Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0049Vista West Wedding- Kyndall & Nathan_0048
Venue: Vista West Ranch
Florals: Petal Pushers
Planners: Coordinate This
Hair: Tiffany Williams
Makeup: Beyoutiful Hair & Makeup
DJ: Premier Entertainment Group
Caterer: Flores Mexican
Second Shooter: Janeane Melton

Cakes: Classic Cakes by Lori

Kindred Oaks Wedding: Tami & Bert are married!


Two years ago, I got a sweet message from Tami saying that she and Bert had gotten engaged and though they hadn’t set a date or venue, they wanted me to shoot their wedding.  Over the next two years, while they were in California as a PA and in med school, we chatted about wedding photography and I got to hear all their beautiful plans.  I knew of Tami’s sweet and generous heart from running cross country together, but it wasn’t until their wedding that wedding that I realized just how beloved the two of them are by their family and friends.  For good reason, too!  Their wedding truly was the day they had waited for so long, with the sweet Texas spring sunshine and bluebonnets blooming!

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Venue: Kindred Oaks

Flowers: Zuzu’s Petals

Make-up: Shannon Nicole

DJ: DJ for Hire

Jake & Meredith are married!





Though Meredith and Jake were recommended to me by another photographer (yay photog friends!), their wedding day didn’t feel in any way as if we had just met 4 months ago.  From their first email to me, we connected over a passion to see marriage reflect God’s love and beauty.  It was such a pleasure to get to know them (and discover all of our mutual friends!) and their wedding truly did show off their joy in the Lord and each other.  Their wedding was also the first that I had a chance to shoot at the gorgeous Heritage House, built and run by a long time family friend of ours in Dripping Springs!

I’m a total sucker for sentimental touches and symbolism, so with all the meaningful surprises Jake left for his bride, like this door hanger and lilies of the valley, I was in heaven photographing them all.


Katie of Little Yellow Flower Design delighted us with her sweet and simple, but whimsical florals – she even included green berries in the bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres!  I love that creativity.


Isn’t Meredith just stunning?!


I love that the girls wore skirts and cute tops!  It definitely goes to show that breaking wedding norms can totally pay off!


In photographing Jake and his dapper groomsmen, I was struck by what a blessing it is that he could stand up on his wedding day surrounded by solid men who have been witnesses to his character to years.

JM7 JM8 JM9 JM11 JM12 JM13 JM14

I am completely in love with Heritage House’s reception hall, and Jake and Meredith’s simple decor fit so perfectly!

JM15 JM16 JM17

Jake and Meredith also created door prizes and handed them out to the couple who’d been married the longest, had the greatest age difference, etc, which was a fun way to engage with their guests!

JM18 JM19

I have lots of favorite things about this wedding, but one of them is that instead of cake, the bride & groom had Amy’s Ice Cream and personally served homemade cobbler to their friends and family!

JM20 JM21Congratulations, Jake and Meredith!  May God continue to pour out his love and grace in your marriage!