Mo Ranch Wedding: Audrey & Mitch!

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If you head west from Austin, pass through Dripping Springs and go all the way to Fredericksburg and then keep going west, you’ll end up in Kerville.  But if you drive a little further, you’ll pass through the little town of Hunt and then find yourself in the deep, true Texas Hill Country.  You’ll also find yourself at Mo Ranch, a camp along the towering banks of the Guadalupe.  After the long drive, arriving at Mo Ranch for Audrey & Mitch’s weekend of wedding festivities felt like an escape from reality: beautiful views, canoes, water slides, and little to no cell service.  But while it might have felt that way for the guests and myself,  Audrey & Mitch already live a life that is adventure and travel.  They don’t need to escape because exploring interesting places with the people they love is normal.  Maybe we should all aspire to make our weekends (and weekdays!) so vibrant that wedding weekends can be a continuation of a life we love already.

Mo Ranch Wedding_0060


Mo Ranch Wedding_0061Mo Ranch Wedding_0062Mo Ranch Wedding_0063Mo Ranch Wedding_0064Mo Ranch Wedding_0065Mo Ranch Wedding_0066Mo Ranch Wedding_0067Mo Ranch Wedding_0068Mo Ranch Wedding_0069Mo Ranch Wedding_0070Mo Ranch Wedding_0071Mo Ranch Wedding_0072Mo Ranch Wedding_0073Mo Ranch Wedding_0075Mo Ranch Wedding_0076Mo Ranch Wedding_0077Mo Ranch Wedding_0078Mo Ranch Wedding_0079Mo Ranch Wedding_0084Mo Ranch Wedding_0081Mo Ranch Wedding_0082Mo Ranch Wedding_0083Mo Ranch Wedding_0085Mo Ranch Wedding_0086Mo Ranch Wedding_0087Mo Ranch Wedding_0088Mo Ranch Wedding_0089Mo Ranch Wedding_0090Mo Ranch Wedding_0091Mo Ranch Wedding_0092AM-3Mo Ranch Wedding_0093Mo Ranch Wedding_0094Mo Ranch Wedding_0095Mo Ranch Wedding_0096Mo Ranch Wedding_0097Mo Ranch Wedding_0098Mo Ranch Wedding_0099Mo Ranch Wedding_0100Mo Ranch Wedding_0101Mo Ranch Wedding_0102Mo Ranch Wedding_0103

Take Me Home – Free the Honey

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I could not be more proud to be sharing the music video I made for Free the Honey‘s song, Take Me Home.  Having zero video experience, I knew this would just be an experiment, but what a glorious experiment it was!  To create a visual story to accompany their enchanting song in one of the most gorgeous places in the hill country was a dream.  It may not be perfect, but I’m still overjoyed with how it turned out.  I can’t wait to do another music video, so let me know if music makes your heart come alive and you want to share that with the world!

2015 Adventures

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As 2015 turned into 2016, my dad led our group of friends and neighbors in a version of Auld Lang Syne that mostly involved the first two lines and a lot of indistinguishable humming.  I always treasure that moment of transition, because it feels like we are joining centuries of people before us in celebrating a new year, but also mourning the passing of the previous.  2015 held beautiful adventures with beautiful people and I loved spending time remembering the moments that made me feel alive.  I created beautiful images, climbed mountains, witnessed devastating storms,  grieved the passing of precious friends, fulfilled a childhood dream of cheering on the US Women in the World Cup, explored my ancestor’s hometown, told incredible stories, rejoiced in my second wedding anniversary, petted/tried to pet many cats, enjoyed my family (including my inlaws!), and witnessed the glorious creation of a gracious God.

2015 Adventures_00012015 Adventures_00022015 Adventures_00032015 Adventures_00042015 Adventures_00052015 Adventures_00062015 Adventures_00082015 Adventures_00092015 Adventures_00102015 Adventures_00112015 Adventures_00122015 Adventures_00132015 Adventures_00142015 Adventures_00152015 Adventures_00162015 Adventures_00172015 Adventures_00182015 Adventures_00192015 Adventures_00202015 Adventures_0021

2015 Adventures_00222015 Adventures_00232015 Adventures_00242015 Adventures_00252015 Adventures_00262015 Adventures_00272015 Adventures_00282015 Adventures_00292015 Adventures_00302015 Adventures_00312015 Adventures_00332015 Adventures_00342015 Adventures_00352015 Adventures_00362015 Adventures_00372015 Adventures_0032

Adventure // Boundary Waters Canoe Trip 2013

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You should know there is adventure in simply being among those we love and the things we love, and beauty too.”
-Lloyd Alexander, The Black Cauldron

Nothing is better than adventures in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota with family & friends.  And since we were a month away from our wedding, a wilderness retreat was an amazing way to prioritize relationship over wedding details.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0001 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0002 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0003 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0004 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0005 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0006 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0007 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0008 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0010 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0011 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0012 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0013 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0014 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0015 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0016 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0017 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0018 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0019 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0020 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0021 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0022 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0023 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0024 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0025 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0026 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0027 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0028 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0029 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0030 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0031 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0032 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0033 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0034 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0035 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0036 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Adventure_0037

Adventure // Italy & France

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Two and a half years ago, my parents graciously took me along on their 30th wedding anniversary trip to Italy & France, and I’m just now posting photos from the trip!  I adore my parents and treasured the time spent with them before I got married and pretended to become an adult.  We walked an average of 8 miles a day through the Cinque Terra, Cassis, and Paris.  But there are some things you should know before you see this blog. Confession #1- I made an Artifact Uprising book a few months after the trip, yet took 2.5 years to put the photos online.  What kind of modern photographer am I?  Confession #2- We went to Paris and I was a little underwhelmed.  I loved the history and idea of it, but big, busy cities full of tourists just don’t do it for me, even Paris.  Which leads me to confession #3- There are more photos of cats than Paris on this blog.

Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0001 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0002 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0003 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0004 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0005 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0006 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0007 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0008 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0010 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0011 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0012Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0040Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0013
Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0015 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0017 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0019Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0020Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0022 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0023Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0024 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0025Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0026 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0027Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0028 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0029Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0030 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0031Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0032 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0033 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0034Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0036Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0037 Manarola, Cassis, Paris trip_0035

Nessa K & Sara Byrne Baltimore Workshop!

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In December last year I did something a little crazy.  I bought a plane ticket to Baltimore and flew there for a one day workshop with Nessa K & Sara Byrne.  That’s a long way for a short time, but every penny was worth it.  Nessa & Sara weren’t there to hold our hands and tell us to dream big, they were there to help us be the best photographers and business owners possible.  Both women are insanely talented photographers, but what struck me the most about their workshop was their honesty.  They shared their knowledge, experience, and wry sense of humor with us in Nessa’s exposed brick studio that she shares with my other favorite photographer, Sam Hurd.  After four years of documenting weddings, I needed the kick in the pants to take risks and stop being lazy.  As nerve-wracking as it was, my favorite part of the (12 hour!) day was when they did critiques of our most recent blog post.  Even as an extrovert who doesn’t mind being in the spotlight, that was terrifying.  Their honest and kind critique, in front of 12 other phenomenal photographers, reminded me that growth isn’t a bad thing.  Failure shouldn’t end with shame, it should precede progress.  If I’m not willing to look at my work critically, how can I get better?  I’m so thankful for Nessa & Sara’s input, encouragement, and bravery in choosing to be real with us.  It would have been much easier to preach an inspirational message and let us carry on, unchanged.  So if you’re looking for a workshop that doesn’t challenge you and just gives you lots of warm fuzzies, don’t attend one of their’s!  But if you want to talk about Wes Anderson, the magic of light, and seriously grow as a photographer and business owner, please be crazy like me and fly across the country to wherever their next workshop is!

P.S. Here are some photos from our jaunt into the chilly streets of Baltimore!

Nessa K & Sara Byrne Workshop_0001 Nessa K & Sara Byrne Workshop_0002 Nessa K & Sara Byrne Workshop_0003 Nessa K & Sara Byrne Workshop_0004 Nessa K & Sara Byrne Workshop_0005 Nessa K & Sara Byrne Workshop_0006 Nessa K & Sara Byrne Workshop_0007

Garden of the Gods Wedding Photography Session

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I love photographing weddings in Texas, but after seeing this jaw-dropping photo by my friend Julie, I set a new goal.  I was going to shoot wedding portraits in the mountains.  Any mountains, I’m not picky!  Since I don’t live anywhere near mountains, I knew that I had to make it happen, thus my mountain wedding giveaway and a plane ride to Colorado Springs landed me in the mountains for David & Danielle’s snowy wedding.  The next day, they dressed up again and we traipsed around Garden of the Gods, a stunning park of red rocks perfectly placed in front of Pike’s Peak.  It was a dream come true, and now I can dream bigger dreams!   Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-15_WEBGarden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-2_WEB  Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-14_WEB

Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-3_WEBGarden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-19_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-73_WEBGarden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-25_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-26_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-28_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-33_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-35_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-38_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-39_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-42_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-46_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-47_WEB Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-49_WEB  Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-61_WEBGarden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-53_WEB  Garden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-62_WEBGarden of the Gods Wedding Shoot-51_WEB