Sam Hurd Epic Workshop Review

Engagement, Portrait

In a wedding industry saturated with photographers, it’s easy for photos to blend together in the bombardment of images on social media, but Sam Hurd’s photos never blend in.  He has created some of the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen (check out this blog) and constantly innovates, pioneering new techniques and tricks.  But even beyond the crazy little tricks he uses, my favorite thing about Sam’s work is that he takes extraordinary photos for every couple, regardless of their style or the cost of their wedding, while effortlessly capturing their emotions and unique relationship. Needless to say, I signed up immediately when he announced an Epic workshop in Austin.  We met at the Waveform Studio right next to my rock gym, which is in one of the least beautiful (to put it nicely) parking lots in Austin.  But as Sam pointed out, that’s why we all paid to go to a workshop with him: to learn how to take freaking awesome photos anywhere. Like his girlfriend Nessa’s workshop that I attended in Baltimore, Sam’s workshop was chock full of practical information and ways to apply it, with no unnecessary fluff.  Sam is the kind of teacher who shows you how to build a foundation of knowledge and technical skill, and then releases you to make magic out of the ordinary.

Sam Hurd Workshop_0001 Sam Hurd Workshop_0002 Sam Hurd Workshop_0003 Sam Hurd Workshop_0004 Sam Hurd Workshop_0005 Sam Hurd Workshop_0006 Sam Hurd Workshop_0007

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