Houston Wedding: Sarah & Chase are married!


Having known Sarah since college (we were even roommates for a year afterwards!), I knew that Chase was something special when she talked about him.  Then, I knew that Chase thought Sarah was pretty special to him as I helped him plan an elaborate proposal.  Over a shaky FaceTime message he showed me the deck he built, the countless lanterns he had bought, and all of the details that he had put hours of time into, and I knew that this thorough, intentional man would make my friend very happy for the rest of her life.  At the wedding, all of their beloved friends and family commented on the sweet way that they gazed at each other (I had trouble getting them to look at the camera instead of each other)!  But what made me so happy photographing Sarah & Chase’s wedding was that I knew that if a complete stranger walked in and caught a glance of them together, they wouldn’t have a doubt in their mind as to how happy the two of them are together.  But I didn’t really need to tell you all that, just see for yourself!

2015-06-09_0001 2015-06-09_0002 2015-06-09_0003 2015-06-09_0004 2015-06-09_0005 2015-06-09_0006 2015-06-09_0007 2015-06-09_0008 2015-06-09_0009 2015-06-09_0010 2015-06-09_0011 2015-06-09_0012 2015-06-09_0013 2015-06-09_0014 2015-06-09_0015 2015-06-09_0016 2015-06-09_0017 2015-06-09_0018 2015-06-09_0021 2015-06-09_0022 2015-06-09_0023 2015-06-09_0024 2015-06-09_0025 2015-06-09_0026 2015-06-09_0027 2015-06-09_0028 2015-06-09_0029 2015-06-09_00322015-06-09_0030 2015-06-09_0031 2015-06-09_0033 2015-06-09_0034 2015-06-09_0035 2015-06-09_0036 2015-06-09_0037 2015-06-09_0038 2015-06-09_0039 2015-06-09_0040 2015-06-09_0041 2015-06-09_0042 2015-06-09_0043 2015-06-09_0044 2015-06-09_0045 2015-06-09_0046 2015-06-09_0047 2015-06-09_0048 2015-06-09_0049 2015-06-09_0050 2015-06-09_0051 2015-06-09_0052 2015-06-09_0053 2015-06-09_0054 2015-06-09_0055 2015-06-09_0056 2015-06-09_0057 2015-06-09_0058 2015-06-09_0059 2015-06-09_0060 2015-06-09_0062

Planning & Reception Florals: Belles & Beauxs Bridal Consulting

Hair & Makeup: Adorne Artistry

Bouquets: Blossom’s Florist

DJ: DJ Brothers

Videographer: Robbie Clingan

Cake/Pies: Karen Watson

Caterer: Whole Foods

Rentals: Any Occasion Rentals

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