Pacific War Vets United by Family


Last fall, my phone buzzed and I read a text from Mikaela, who said she was going to be writing a story for the Georgetown View magazine on two WWII veterans who had fought on different sides of the Pacific War and would soon be meeting for the first time. Would I like to photograph their meeting?  It probably took a tenth of a second for me to respond with a resounding heck yeah!  It turns out, their grandchildren met at Texas A&M, got married, and had a beautiful little girl, giving the two men a great granddaughter in common.  Naomasa was coming to the US to visit his daughter, sons, and grandchildren, as well as Stiles, against whom he had fought 70 years ago.

A few weeks later, we pulled up to a suburban house in Georgetown and proceeded to share a meal, stories, and sushi recommendations with two families united through a great granddaughter.  I felt so honored to witness Stiles and Naomasa sitting with their family and giving thanks for peace and reconciliation.  For the whole story, as told by my talented friend, pick up a magazine in Georgetown, or read it online.  Here are just a few moments from our evening together!

2015-06-03_0005 2015-06-03_0006  2015-06-03_0008 2015-06-03_00072015-06-03_0009 2015-06-03_00182015-06-03_0010 2015-06-03_0011 2015-06-03_0012 2015-06-03_0013 2015-06-03_00142015-06-03_0016 2015-06-03_0015  2015-06-03_0017 Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 6.05.35 PM

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