Darcie & Brian are married!


In the midst of wedding season with thousands and thousands of photos to edit (LIT-erally thousands), blogging seems like an impossible task.  However, Darcie & Brian’s wedding impacted me so deeply that I wanted to share at least a few frames.

Before the wedding, I photographed Brian and his groomsmen while they laughed and joked and poked fun at each other.  At one point, his best man joked about getting the rope and Duck Tape to make sure that Brian didn’t run away, and instead of continuing to joke, Brian became quietly serious and said “I would never run away from today.”  During the ceremony, Brian fought tears when his beautiful bride walked down the aisle, as did his mom when her new daughter gave her a rose, and Darcie did when she walked out of the ceremony arm-in-arm with her husband.  Later in the day, the dance floor was abandoned in exchange for an exuberant light saber battle between the bride and groom, the wedding party, and any random guests who were feeling fun.

I left the wedding still beaming, filled up with the joy that comes from photographing a couple with such sincere commitment to each other and a refusal to let any stress keep them from having a blast at their wedding.  At the end of the day, I don’t care what your wedding style is, or how fancy your place settings are.   While those are amazing to photograph, they can’t compare to beauty of people who let themselves truly experience the emotions of the day.  Don’t let Pinterest-perfect expectations rob you of being present!  I’ll let Darcie & Brian demonstrate…

2015-04-24_0001 2015-04-24_0002 2015-04-24_0003 2015-04-24_0004 2015-04-24_0005 2015-04-24_0006 2015-04-24_0007 2015-04-24_0008 2015-04-24_0009 2015-04-24_0010 2015-04-24_0011 2015-04-24_0012 2015-04-24_0013

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