Mountain wedding giveaway winner!!!


I had so much fun hearing about the beautiful mountain weddings people are having!  After agonizing over choosing, I’m excited to share that I will be photographing David & Danielle’s in Colorado Springs in May!  My eyes quickly filled with tears when I read David’s account of his proposal, so I thought I’d share it with y’all

      Three days prior to our engagement I had the seemingly brilliant idea to propose to Danielle on top of a cliff at Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs. The night before I proposed, I arranged for my sister Kayla to join us and take pictures on the top of the rock and everything was set for the next day.

     We all arrived at Garden of the Gods and prepared the rope, gear, and our harnesses as we prepared to climb the 60 foot tower. As I climbed to the top to set the anchor, I realized that the climb was a bit more difficult than I had recalled. “No matter,” I thought to myself. “I am already up here, I am sure they can make it up.” Appoximately 40 minutes and a few expletives later, I had a shaky and nervous photographer finally make it to the top of the climb. Now it was time for her to prepare her camera and for Danielle to undertake the harder than expected climb.

     As Danielle began to climb, I noticed a couple on the ground that was coaching her through the moves. I was extremely thankful for their assitance as I could not even see Danielle from the top of the climb where I was belaying. After another 20-30 minutes, a crying and bleeding Danielle appeared 15 feet from the top of the climb. “What have I done to this poor girl” was all that was going through my mind. Danielle also admitted later that she was thinking, “He won’t even want to marry me with how terribly I am doing on this climb.”

     Shaken but determined, Danielle refused my offer to lower her back to the ground and made it through the remainder of the climb. After anchoring her in, I got down on one knee and took the ring from the caribiner on my side. “Danielle, I love you more than I could have ever imagined and that love grows each and every day. l promise to always keep you safe and protect you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

    Tears poured down Danielle’s face as her shock and fear supsided and was quickly replaced by another slew of emotions. From down below we heard someone shout, “Did she say yes?” I quickly looked over the edge and replied, “No, but I am not letting her down until she does.” Shorly after, I set up the rappel and we made it back to terra firma where I replaced Danielle’s ring on her finger (neither of us wanted to be a part of some sort of rapelling with an engagement ring disaster). From there, we were congratulated by the complete strangers who had born witness to our almost disastrous engagement. We then stayed near the climb as we both took in our shared excitement and attempted to quell and reconcile the multitude of emotions that we were both experiencing. Bloody and triumphant we contacted a few friends and family before walking away from the climb still beaming with excitement for the events to come.

See why I’m excited?  Those are my kind of people right there.  And thankfully I don’t have to wait long until I’m photographing their wedding in the foothills of Pike’s Peak!

Garden of the Gods Proposal- Shots in Silence Photography Garden of the Gods Proposal 2- Shots in Silence Photography

I’m thankful to David’s sister for letting me use the awesome shots she got!

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