Antebellum Oaks Wedding: Morgan & Phillip are married!



I’ve heard many versions of wedding vows, both traditional and personal, and one of the phrases I love hearing included is ‘to cherish in love and in friendship.’  To be honest, I don’t remember if it was said during Morgan & Phillip’s wedding, but it doesn’t matter.  The way they cherish each other so dearly came out in Morgan’s voice when she spoke about Phillip, and in the tears that streamed down Phillip’s face every time he looked at her. Morgan & Phillip-3_WEB Morgan & Phillip-7_WEB Morgan & Phillip-16_WEB Morgan & Phillip-18_WEB Morgan & Phillip-19_WEB Morgan & Phillip-20_WEB Morgan & Phillip-22_WEB Morgan & Phillip-23_WEB Morgan & Phillip-24_WEB Morgan & Phillip-26_WEB Morgan & Phillip-29_WEB Morgan & Phillip-31_WEB Morgan & Phillip-33_WEB Morgan & Phillip-35_WEBMorgan & Phillip-9_WEB Morgan & Phillip-36_WEBMorgan & Phillip-1_WEB Morgan & Phillip-37_WEBMorgan & Phillip-39_WEB Morgan & Phillip-40_WEB Morgan & Phillip-41_WEB Morgan & Phillip-46_WEB Morgan & Phillip-44_WEB Morgan & Phillip-50_WEBMorgan & Phillip Antebellum Oaks_WEBMorgan & Phillip-51_WEB Morgan & Phillip-54_WEB Morgan & Phillip-56_WEB Morgan & Phillip-59_WEB Morgan & Phillip-60_WEB Morgan & Phillip-61_WEB Morgan & Phillip-64_WEB Morgan & Phillip-66_WEB Morgan & Phillip-67_WEB Morgan & Phillip-68_WEB Morgan & Phillip-70_WEB Morgan & Phillip-72_WEB Morgan & Phillip-73_WEB Morgan & Phillip-77_WEB Morgan & Phillip-78_WEB Morgan & Phillip-82_WEB Morgan & Phillip-83_WEB Morgan & Phillip-84_WEB Morgan & Phillip-85_WEB Morgan & Phillip-87_WEB Morgan & Phillip-88_WEB

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