The Union on Eighth: Rachel & Gabe are married!


Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray. -Lord Byron

In the midst of torrential rains and sore throats, Rachel & Gabe shone.  Her sweetness calmed us all and brought more peace to the wedding day than sunny skies can, and his humor didn’t fade under dark clouds.

Gabe & Rachel Blog-1_WEB.jpg


Gabe-Rachel-Blog-3_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-11_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-27_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-24_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-23_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-28_WEB.jpgUnion-on-8th-Wedding-Brenizer-Pano-1_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-40_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-43_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-45_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-35_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-47_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-37_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-50_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-51_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-52_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-56_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-58_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-65_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-63_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-70_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-62_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-71_WEB.jpg   Gabe-Rachel-Blog-74_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-73_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-72_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-78_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-77_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-80_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-84_WEB.jpgGabe-Rachel-Blog-82_WEB.jpg Gabe-Rachel-Blog-81_WEB.jpg

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