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Taking a short break from the deluge of weddings flooding my blog, I’m sharing my family’s 2012 Christmas road trip to Marfa!  Rather spontaneously over Christmas break, my family decided to drive to west Texas and explore a new part of our great state.  I love staring out the window, letting my eyes skip over the miles and miles of open country.  Or when you’re driving to Marfa, the miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles of open country.  It’s a long drive, but one well spent with a interesting family and good taste in music.  We rented a cute tin-sided house through Home Away in the little desert town of Alpine.  The first evening we drove out to the the viewing point for the famous Marfa lights where we watched and waited as the evening light faded and the sun disappeared below the far horizon.  Unfortunately, when the sun disappeared, so did any warmth in the air and we quickly resorted to wrapping our selves in any possible scrap of clothing to keep warm.  Though we were treated to a beautiful moon and stars, no lights appeared.  One man kept insisting that the car lights on a distant mountain must be the lights, but I’m pretty sure that the Marfa lights don’t travel in perfect pairs, following the same path each time.  I’m a little fuzzy on the timeline of the next several days because I came down with a terrible and mysterious illness that mostly left me in bed watching old movies, but at some point we drove around the Davis Mountain State Park and visited Marfa for dinner at the famous old Hotel Paisano.  I love the vast differences in Texas’ landscape and would definitely drive the 7 hours for another adventure in Marfa (though hopefully in better health this time!).

2014-10-30_0001 2014-10-30_0002 2014-10-30_0003

A little note- I had just gotten my beloved 5D Mark iii camera with it’s beautiful low light capabilities, so I took full advantage this trip to test it out!2014-10-30_0004 2014-10-30_0005 2014-10-30_0006 2014-10-30_0007 2014-10-30_0008 2014-10-30_0009 2014-10-30_0010 2014-10-30_0011 2014-10-30_0012 2014-10-30_0013 2014-10-30_0014 2014-10-30_0015 2014-10-30_0016 2014-10-30_0017 2014-10-30_0018 2014-10-30_0019 2014-10-30_0020 2014-10-30_0021Other adventures in this series:

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