Catherine & Jake are married!


We wedding professionals have a bad habit of using superlatives on everything we write.  See, I even did it there!  EVERYTHING we write.  Each wedding is the sweetest, the most beautiful, the most perfect, thing we’ve ever seen.  Part of that stems from the fact that it’s hard to stop using that language once you start, but largely I think that most photographers and others involved in weddings genuinely love their job and take great joy in each couple’s love story.  On my own part, I get so enthusiastic about every wedding that it’s difficult to restrain myself from gushing about all the weddings I have the privilege of shooting.  Some weddings have gorgeous details, others take place in beautiful settings, and some celebrate family in joyous perfection.  I jump up and down for each of these things and use lots of happy adjectives, but at the end of the day, the one thing about a wedding that will really break me down is seeing vulnerability.  Surrounded by stress and chaos and plenty of people they haven’t seen in years, couples often have a hard time letting their hearts open up and shine through at their wedding.

Catherine & Jake had no problem being completely themselves, full of joy and pain and promises and hope.  I can’t remember the last time I, along with the guests, wept so openly and laughed so loudly.  Having dealt with a horrible and debilitating illness while dating, Catherine and Jake learned quickly what it means to love in sickness and in health.  Jake’s humble gratitude to Catherine for encouraging him even while she was so sick, and Catherine’s tearful expression of how much it meant to her when he told her she was beautiful even when her body was ravaged made us all feel like like we were witnessing something precious and intimate.  They concluded the ceremony not with a recessional, but with a powerful chorus of a song that proclaims God’s power to make beautiful things out of dust.  In fact, while you look through these photos, just put this on in the background.  I could tell you a million more things that made the wedding special, like the fact that Catherine’s reception dress was actually her mom’s wedding dress, but I think the song and photos will say more than I could.

2014-07-24_0001 2014-07-24_0002 2014-07-24_0003 2014-07-24_0004 2014-07-24_0005 2014-07-24_0006 2014-07-24_0007 2014-07-24_0008 2014-07-24_0009 2014-07-24_0010 2014-07-24_0011 2014-07-24_0012 2014-07-24_0013 2014-07-24_0014 2014-07-24_0015 2014-07-24_0016 2014-07-24_0017 2014-07-24_0018 2014-07-24_0019 2014-07-24_0020 2014-07-24_0021 2014-07-24_0022 2014-07-24_0023 2014-07-24_0024 2014-07-24_0025 2014-07-24_0026 2014-07-24_0027 2014-07-24_0028 2014-07-24_0029 2014-07-24_0030 2014-07-24_0031 2014-07-24_0032 2014-07-24_0033 2014-07-24_0034 2014-07-24_0035 2014-07-24_0036 2014-07-24_0037 2014-07-24_0038 2014-07-24_0039 2014-07-24_0040 2014-07-24_0041 2014-07-24_0042 2014-07-24_0043 2014-07-24_0044 2014-07-24_0045 2014-07-24_0046 2014-07-24_0047 2014-07-24_0048 2014-07-24_0049 2014-07-24_0050 2014-07-24_0051 2014-07-24_0052 2014-07-24_0053 2014-07-24_0054 2014-07-24_0055 2014-07-24_0056 2014-07-24_0057 2014-07-24_0058 2014-07-24_0059 2014-07-24_0060 2014-07-24_0061 2014-07-24_0062 2014-07-24_0063 2014-07-24_0064 2014-07-24_0065 2014-07-24_0066 2014-07-24_0067 2014-07-24_0068 2014-07-24_0069 2014-07-24_0070 2014-07-24_0071 2014-07-24_0072 2014-07-24_0073 2014-07-24_0074 2014-07-24_0075 2014-07-24_0076 2014-07-24_0077 2014-07-24_0078 2014-07-24_0079 2014-07-24_0080 2014-07-24_0081

Cake – Rachel, my sister (grain free, gluten free, sugar free CARROT CAKE)
Caterer – Dennis Spinneli himself (he owns a restaurant along with the wedding venue, he’s a 5 star chef)
DJ – Austin Williams
Dresses – ceremony dress from David’s Bridal, reception dress my Mother’s wedding dress
Hair & Make-up – the bridesmaids
Flowers – the bride and bridesmaids
Decor – the bride’s childhood rock collection (Yay for rock collections!)

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