Kate & Aaron are married!


BurkinWeek after week, I’m in awe of the amazing clients I get to photograph.  I’m blessed to get connected with such sweet people at a super exciting time in their life.  Aaron & Kate certainly fall into that “I’m really blessed to have met them” category.  We quickly connected over Jesus and engineering (engineering in that my husband is an engineer, not because I know anything about engineering!).  Their wedding introduced me to one of my new favorite venues, Pecan Springs Ranch.  It happens to be close to my hometown of Dripping Springs and in the beautiful hill country I love, not to mention having beautiful pecan trees, flowing grass, and a decor straight from rustic chic heaven.  Besides how beautiful the setting was, the day flowed peacefully and joyfully.

Burkin1 Burkin2 Burkin3 Burkin4 Burkin5 Burkin6 Burkin7 Burkin8 Burkin9 Burkin10 Burkin11 Burkin12 Burkin13 Burkin14 Burkin15 Burkin16 Burkin17 Burkin18 Burkin19 Burkin20 Burkin21 Burkin22 Burkin23

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