Michelle & Tommy are married!


MTWeddings today can become huge productions that lose sight of their very purpose, which is why I loved the simplicity of Michelle & Tommy’s wedding.  Their calmness and the easiness of the day showed such a solidness to their relationship and new marriage.  As usual, Kindred Oaks provided such a lovely setting for the wedding, despite some very unexpected showers!


I love first looks…such a wonderful way to have a moment together before the craziness descends!


Zuzu’s Petals decorated the arch beautifully and the rain stopped JUST in time for the ceremony to be held outdoors.

MT10 MT11 MT12 MT13

Michelle’s dad wins for best accessory of the day- when “Blue Skies” sung by Willie Nelson came of for their dance together, he whipped out a red bandana and put it on.  I love it.

MT14 MT15

Michelle’s Patisserie made Michelle’s fun and crazy cake that looked AWESOME (and tasted delish, too).

MT16 MT17 MT18 MT19 MT20Congrats, Michelle & Tommy!!!

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