Sarah & Carlos’s Wedding Story



I’m so happy to finally publish Sarah & Carlos’ wedding photos, along with, for the first time, a wedding video!!!  That’s right…I have teamed up with Carlos Barron to provide beautiful short wedding videos for my awesome brides and grooms.  If you remember my promo video, Carlos is the one responsible for filming and editing it.  I will be adding more information about adding a short wedding video to your photography package to my website shortly.  So without further ado, the first ever Shelley Elena Photography wedding video!

Now a few photos to tell Sarah & Carlos’ story in a different way.  As usual, Zuzu’s outdid themselves with the delicate pink and white florals.


Sarah & Carlos DIYed a lot of the details, including this sweet wreath with photos of the two of them growing up.


When I borrowed Sarah’s engagement ring, she pointed out the coolest thing about it- there are infinity symbols hidden in it!


As the guys prepared for the big day, they opened their super cool gifts- original comic books from Carlos, and superhero cufflinks from Sarah!


Of course, they had to show off their cufflinks!


Meanwhile the girls were getting all prettied up.  I loved seeing how close Sarah is to her parents.  She made sure to incorporate lots of family heirlooms into the day, and even wore her mom’s veil, which matched her dress as if they were made together!


Kindred Oaks has the prettiest light for walking down the aisle.



Woohoo!  Husband and wife!


Of course, we had to go take some photos with the LOVE letters that Kindred Oaks recycled from their old deck!  And let me tell you, this bridal party rocked it.




My favorite part…time alone with the newlyweds!




Kathy, of Cakes by Kathy, did a beautiful job, as usual!  It’s probably too small to see, but Carlos’ cake topper has a Silver Surfer shirt 🙂





Congratulations, Sarah & Carlos!

6 thoughts on “Sarah & Carlos’s Wedding Story

  1. i was there but this is a far better reminder because it covers things that I never saw. Thanks JOHN,tut,Thomas

  2. beautiful and wonderful memories made on that day; pictures are outstanding for Sarah and Carlos to cherish forever.

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