Meredith & Jason are married!


I’m so excited to share some photos from Meredith & Jason’s wedding!  They are such wonderful, sweet people who are seriously in love.  The grey and yellow color palette was gorgeous, and Green Pastures in South Austin made the perfect backdrop for a spring wedding.  I loved how laid back and relational the whole day was; Meredith and Jason really got to enjoy spending time with their friends and family.

Meredith started her day by getting her hair done at Urban Betty and then visited Makenzi Laine for her makeup.  Meredith is just a beautiful person, but these ladies really showed off Meredith’s beauty perfectly for her wedding.

We then headed to Green Pastures to finish getting ready!  When we arrived, the flowers had already arrived and looked a-mazing.

See what I mean?  Beautiful!  (That applies to both Meredith and the flowers)

Jason and his friends hung out in a very cool lounge/bar room, but it turns out we weren’t supposed to go in there.  Oops.

I loved the way that the grey and yellow color scheme ran throughout the little details of the day.

And then it was ceremony time!

Jason and Meredith and I snuck away for a few minutes to take few photos alone before the reception started.  Bamboo forests are definitely my new best friend.

The great thing about weddings without a lot of activities is that I get to spend extra time taking pictures of the adorable kiddos that inevitably show up at weddings.

Congratulations, Meredith and Jason!  Y’all are awesome and I know that many years of happiness will follow this joyful wedding day!


5 thoughts on “Meredith & Jason are married!

  1. Seeing all the pictures made our evening since we were unable to be there in person!!

  2. Great photos of a picture perfect wedding! Adorable kiddos, picture perfect bride and groom, peacocks and a bamboo forest – what great subject matter and what a memorable event!

  3. Beautiful couple and pictures. Bringing back a memorable day for both of us. Enjoyed being able to share this special day with both of you and your families. Love from Majella & Arthur Aubé

  4. What a glorious day, We are so blest to have Meredith (and her family) in our family. This is a beautiful capsule of an incredible day and the peacocks were the cherries on top.

  5. Hey, finally learned how to open my emails of major importance! Learned alot and how beautiful everyone was. Specially you Jane!


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