Sam & Louie are married!!!


I met Sam and Louie through a mutual friend, and I’m so glad I did!  It was a blast getting to know them over the year, and now they’re finally married!  Sam & Louie’s wedding at Memory Lane Event Center in Dripping Springs was a good time.  Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful and sentimental and very obviously founded on a solid love for God and one another, but it was FUN.  The two choreographed dances helped, but more than that, the entire crowd was on the dance floor for hours.

Sam’s nine beautiful bridesmaids looked gorgeous in purple and gold, and were all so sweet as they did each others’ hair and makeup, which is great when you think about the fact that there were ten girls getting ready in the same room with limited mirrors space.

The groomsmen looked quite dapper, as well.

The ceremony was beautiful!  I love that Sam’s dad and step-dad both walked her down the aisle.  The whole thing was super sweet.

By the time we got done with family photos, it was pretty dark, but that made for some beautiful portraits of Sam & Louie in the grove of oak trees with lots of sparkly lights!

And the reception!!!  Get excited.

Like I said, there was LOTS of dancing.  I loved it.  But in the name of being professional, I only danced in the corner by myself.  Just kidding!  Mostly…

Sam & Louie’s families are awesome.  It was really evident how much they all delight in one another.

And to end, I’ll show my tribute to Rudy’s, because not only did they cater the wedding and make delicious BBQ, but Sam & Louie met at Rudy’s!  And then off with the happy couple!  Notice that Sam is making the ‘I love you’ sign as they leave? Perfect ending.

3 thoughts on “Sam & Louie are married!!!

  1. ¡Son una mucho muy feliz pareja, los quiero mucho a los dos!
    Fué una boda única que le podríamos llamar “Boda de Barbie & Ken” porque estuvo Es-pec-ta-cu-lar en todo el sentido de la palabra.
    En mi opinión TODOS nos divertimos mucho (como se puede ver en las fotos)

  2. Louie and Sam looked very happy on their day!! Im very proud of my cuz and wish him and his new wife all the happiness in the world. The wedding was beautiful and everyone had a great time!!!

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