Laura & Jeff’s Wedding


I met Laura in high school, when she was a senior and I was a little freshman.  She was also a bridesmaid at the first wedding I shot, so it was an honor to be able to shoot her wedding two years later!  Though I don’t know Jeff well, I could tell that they are a wonderful match and their joy was evident throughout the day.  For my favorite line of the day, I’ll give a little background:  Jeff designs graphics for video games and also really enjoys playing video games. The groom’s cake reflects that passion of his, but the best man, who works and plays with Jeff, spoke about the greater passion Jeff found in loving Laura.  He pointed out that they knew how much Jeff cared about Laura when he would always choose Laura over playing video games.  As the best man put it, “We knew it was serious when Jeff thought that Laura was WAY more interesting than any game.”  So awesome.  All the best to Laura and Jeff!

The reception was so fun!  Because it was a morning wedding, the buffet line featured pancakes, muffins, and fruit- yum!!!  There were so many touching moments that made my photo-stalker heart happy.

Flowers: King Florist
Dress: Saks Fifth Avenue
Feather Hairpiece: LovMely
Venue: Terrace Club


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